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Desiree N.


We went in to get my 3 year old son his very first goldfish and the employees that work there did an amazing job. They were quick to help us get the goldfish. we didn't take home just 1 goldfish we took home 5. I asked them what the best goldfish food they had was and they showed me. You get a good welcome walking in there. Thank you all so much!

Sandy M. 


Small but awesome
Nicer environment then the big chain
Cutest Bearded Dragons and it looks like they take great care of the animals in their care

Xiomara R.


We love this pet store so much. Jay truly cares about all the pets, critters and fish in his store and he is extremely fair with his prices. His knowledge of everything is great and overall he truly wants to make sure everyone gets something from his store at a great price. He takes his time packaging the fish correctly and treats all his customers very well. Highly recommend checking this place out.

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